How is Zeffy free?
How is Zeffy free?
Zeffy relies entirely on optional contributions from donors. At the payment confirmation step - we ask donors to leave an optional contribution to Zeffy.
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Dear Future, Inc. switched to Zeffy and their donors are loving it.

Case study

Dear Future,Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping children around the world access education and healthcare. By ignoring the borders that separate us, Dear Future, Inc is working to remove the obstacles to health and education for children stricken by poverty and is using Zeffy’s free fundraising platform to help. (The fees Dear Future, Inc saved were calculated with a 5% average fee—platform and credit card transaction fees combined.)




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David Purkis


December 19, 2023



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The background: Helping schools help themselves.

Dear Future, Inc. began as an idea in 2018 and by 2022 was a full-fledged nonprofit. By 2023 they had helped children in Peru, and Uganda. Dear Future, Inc. has a unique process that involves:

1. Identifying schools in need, usually in remote areas.

2.Contacting the school.

3. Identifying and verifying the needs. (This could be via a video or an ambassador who visits the school.)

4. Creating a plan of action to meet those needs, promote education, and enable schools to continue once Dear Future, Inc. has left.

The challenge: Finding a platform donors will like.

With our past provider, our donors number one concern was the fees, because we would ask them to cover the fees our past provider charged.
- Ricardo Juarez, Dear Future, Inc.

The donors giving to Dear Future, Inc. aren’t alone in their dislike of being forced to cover the platform, transaction, and hidden fees charged by most online fundraising platforms and third-party payment processing companies. Unfortunately, if nonprofits don’t ask donors to cover those fees, they’re stuck paying the bills and that means investing less in their cause.

The solution: When we say voluntary, we mean it.

So far I am really liking Zeffy, and I appreciate the fact that they are very responsive to our questions and keep us informed with their updates and requested updates from customers. I see improvements often and I feel that after I get used to all of the free features, I will become a Zeffy pro!
- Ricardo Juarez, Dear Future, Inc.

When Dear Future, Inc. found Zeffy and saw that we were a free platform that used a voluntary contribution model to cover the costs of the platform and transaction fees, they were a bit skeptical. But, after attending a demo, they were convinced.

Yes, Zeffy asks donors to make an additional voluntary contribution to help cover the costs of doing business. But, for once, there's no catch! Zeffy's model is transparent and, when we say "voluntary" we mean it. So, even if donors choose not to leave anything, your nonprofit still won't be charged any fees. This works because, collectively, we earn enough to cover everything.

The results: Happy donors make a happy nonprofit.

Dear Future, Inc. is just getting started, but already they are making the most of our free solutions. And, better yet, their donors love it.

Thank you Zeffy for providing us with a platform that is free and helps small nonprofits like us where every penny counts!
- Ricardo Juarez, Dear Future, Inc.

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